About Us

“Every problem has a solution. We just have to be creative enough to find it for you”

Our History

Workbite is a boutique digital consultancy and outsourcing company established in 2007. We offer personalised consultancy services and staffing to fulfil your custom digital, business process, and transformation requirements. Within our three business pillars: Digital Marketing, Consultancy and Outsourcing, we are committed to serve and add values to our customers

Vision & Mission


“To provide specialised consultancy and outsourcing services that enhance the long-term value and effectiveness of our customer in South East Asia.”


“To help our customers increase their competitive advantage by helping to drive productivity and efficiency as their trusted partner.”

Our Values

Our core values are Honesty, Committed and Excellence. We undertake honesty as our value as we believe this value is crucial in building relationships with our customers. Furthermore, Workbite is committed to delivering the promise to give the best to our clients. More importantly, we focus on excellence in every detail of our job. With our honesty, commitment and excellent service, we provide our customers value for money services.

Workbite Introduction

Workbite - Your outsourcing partner

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Case Studies

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